Currency Value Counter - Semacon V-1625V Premium Bank Grade Canadian (UV/MG CF)

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Currency Value Counter - Semacon V-1625V Premium Bank Grade Canadian (UV/MG CF)

Ultra High-Speed Currency Value Counter for medium to very high level usage volumes including Ultraviolet and Magnetic Counterfeit Detection screening functions, value counting mode, 4 speed settings, batch stop settings, 10 button numeric keypad. Handles Canadian polymer, Canadian paper and US currencies.

The Semacon S-1600V Series Premium Bank Grade Canadian Currency Value Counters are designed with Semacon's SmartFeed™ technology for very high volume applications and are used by banks, credit unions, casinos, large retailers and other industries in Canada. They feature heavy duty construction, operational flexibility and ease of use. The series offers optional ultraviolet (UV) and magnetic (MG) counterfeit detection.

The S-1600V Series includes a value counting mode feature which enables the machine to count in dollars and to total a teller station or cash drawer.

These counters were developed specifically for Canadian banks and businesses and are capable of handling high volumes of the new polymer banknotes and paper banknotes, even when mixed.

Note: This currency counter is not a currency discriminator and cannot determine currency denominations. For Currency Discriminators click here.

Click the link below to download our S-1600V Series Currency Value Counter Data Sheet:

Download S-1600V Series Canadian Currency Value Counter Data Sheet