Klopp Accessories - Coin Bagging Tubes



Coin Bagging Tubes


Super Tough Nylon, Color-Coded Coin Wrapping and Coin Bagging Tubes


Coin tubes for wrapping coins and bagging coins


KLOPP Models CM, CE, KK, CECR1 come standard with (3) Wrapping Tubes (Quarter, Nickle, Dime) -OR- (1) Wrapping Tube of your choice and (1) Universal Bagging Tube for bagging any type of coin.

KLOPP Models CMB & CEB come standard within (1) Universal Coin Bagging Tube

KLOPP Model CECR4 comes standard with (4) Wrapping Tubes (Quarter, Nickle, Dime & Penny)

NOTE: A Universal Coin Bagging Tube (not a wrapping tube) must always be used to count coins into a cloth bag. Additional coin wrapping tubes are available for other US and Foreign Coin Sizes, as well as various token sizes.

Bagging Tube Retail Price: $40.00