Bill Counter - Carnation CR2 Money Counter UV MG IR



Bill Counter - Carnation CR2 Money Counter UV MG IR


The Carnation CR2 Bill Counter is popular with banks, credit unions, and businesses in USA, Canada, and around the world. With the price tag of just $599, you don't have to run (or rob) a bank to enjoy one of the latest and most sophisticated money counting machines. 

With variable speeds of 800-1500 bills per minute and a touch-screen control panel, this Bill Counter offers reliable and efficient money handling.

Full package Counterfeit Detection - Ultra-violet, Magnetic, and Infra-red detection functions.

This Bill Counter comes complete with BATCH and ADD functions, allowing counting out batches of equal number of banknotes, or conveniently adding consecutive batches of bills together.

Money Counter Canada / USA - Works with USD, Canadian Dollar, Euro, and many other currencies.

The CR2 Bill Counter has successfully passed testing at one of the major international banks in USA, and the bank has switched to CR2 money counters for all of its branches!

Comes with complimentary 1 year warranty. Total Satisfaction or 110% money back guarantee! (see: return policies for details).

Counting Speed: 800/1200/1500 Bills / Minute

Feeder Capacity: 400 Bills 

Carrier Capacity: 300 Bills

Display: LCD Screen, Touchscreen Panel 

Power Supply: 100~240V AC. 50/60Hz

Power Consumption: <60W 

Interface: RS232 

Dimensions: 9.8”(L) x 11.3”(W) x 9.6”(H) x 248mm(L) x 287mm(W) x 243mm (H)

Weight: 14.5lb (6.5kg)

Counting Bill Size: Length: 110mm~175mm

Width: 50mm~90mm

Thickness: 0.075mm~0.15mm