Counterfeit Detector - Royal Sovereign RCD-4000D Infrared Camera

Royal Sovereign


 Counterfeit Detector - Royal Sovereign RCD-4000D Infrared Camera


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The Royal Sovereign RCD-4000D Infrared Camera Counterfeit Detector is unique in that it features infrared camera technology that quickly and easily verifies the photosensitive inks and anti-counterfeit design patterns on currency that are not visible to the naked eye. The dual band infrared detection causes these photosensitive inks to move or blink making them easier to detect.




•Camera verifies photosensitive inks and anti-counterfeit designs on currency that are not visible to the naked eye
•Dual band technology alternates between 2 infrared wavelengths that isolates infrared ink on front and back of currency
•Ink begins to blink or move making the security features easy to detect in seconds

User Friendly Design

•Large 3.7” x 2.1” LCD built-in display makes for more detailed viewing of notes
•Compact and lightweight design allows unit to fit perfectly next to any POS system
•Camera can stand alone or be mounted to a surface with included mounting hardware

Added Features

•Included currency guide shows users the location of infrared ink on currency for quick verification
•Counterfeit Detection Decal deters any potential counterfeiters from using phony bills


Product Specification

Model Number RCD-4000D
Currency Guide Yes
Ultraviolet Detection No
Magnetic Ink Detection No
Watermark Detection No
Infrared Detection Yes
Magnifying Lens No
Built-in display LCD
Sleep Mode No
Warranty 1 Year
Voltage AC100~240V 50/60HZ
Unit Height (in.) 6.1
Unit Depth (in.) 4.7
Unit Width (in.) 5.2
Unit Weight (lbs.) .83