Count by Weight - Cassida TillTally Professional Money Counting Scale


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Count by Weight - Cassida TillTally Professional Money Counting Scale


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                                           TillTally Counts by Weight

Counting money by weight is a method major retailers have trusted for decades because it’s super accurate, very fast — but also expensive. TillTally now makes count-by-weight technology available to you, and it’s very cost-effective — TillTally pays for itself in the time savings!


                Save the Time and Hassle of Hand Counting Register Tills

Counting down a drawer full of cash has never been this fast or this easy before. The Cassida TillTally Counting Scale counts loose coins, rolled coins and bills. And it can count down a drawer in under a minute... markedly faster than counting by hand.

                     One Machine Counts Bills, Coins and Coin Rolls

Incredibly Accurate - coins to bills, every single piece of money is counted perfectly.....and quickly!

Counts an entire denomination at once rather than piece by piece.

Compact and portable - runs on DC power or batteries, so take it anywhere you need to count.

Accurate accounting - access a denomination-by-denomination report at anytime during your count. You can even get a print out for auditing.

Stack up to 15 bills in a drop and 200 bills per denomination.

                     Count a Drawer Full of Cash in Under a Minute!

Stop counting by hand and start counting by weight. Get your team a TillTally and makes quick work of register counts while eliminating inaccuracies, long register closures and employee overtime that often occur with hand counts.