Count by Weight - Cassida TillTally Elite Money Counting Scale


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Count by Weight - Cassida TillTally Elite Money Counting Scale


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                                   Count-by-Weight Proven Technology

The TillTally Elite counts money by weight, a method major retailers have trusted for decades because of its superior accuracy and speed. The TillTally Elite counts an entire denomination at once, rather than piece-by-piece, assuring dramatically faster counts.

                                 Count a Drawer Full of Cash in Under a Minute!

Say goodbye to long counting sessions and hello to faster close outs and better accuracy when you use the Cassida TillTally Elite Counting Scales to count your cash drawers. The TillTally Elite saves you time and frustration by eliminating miscounts, long register closures and employee overtime that often occur with hand counts.

                                    TillTally Elite Saves You Valuable Time

  • One single machine counts coins, coin rolls and bills.
  • Spot on counting - from coins to bills to coin rolls, TillTally Elite counts precisely.
  • Accurate accounting - access a denomination-by-denomination report at anytime during your count. You can even get a print out for auditing.
  • Exclusive FLOAT function streamlines set-up of start tills.
  • Takes 25 bills in a single drop and up to 400 bills per denomination.
  • FLOAT function allows you to easily subtract opening float from the total for a true daily accrual account -- an exclusive feature for the Elite!
  • Can be paired with optional accessory: Universal Cash Handling Printer for ease of record tracking.


     Save time while counting money with the Cassida TillTally™ Elite! This ingenious device is the fastest, simplest way to count both cash and coins. The TillTally™ Elite will count down the money in an entire cash register under a minute– with excellent accuracy!  Stop fumbling with coins and remove any lingering doubts of what your actual final count was of twenties. Simply put each denomination of coin and cash into the TillTally™ Elite and you'll receive a quick, accurate count the first time, every time.

         The TillyTally™ Elite counts by weight, the same method used by many of the nation's top retailers, to provide a faster, more reliable count. Cassida has made that technology accessible to every business in an affordable, compact and portable solution.

         The TillTally™ Elite also features an exclusive FLOAT function to streamline the setup of start tills each day. Input the daily starting cash float amount to have it deducted automatically from the cumulative end of day total for a true accounting of generated cash revenue.

         The TillTally™ Elite is backed by a one-year warranty and Cassida's helpful, US-based support team. If you count on cash for your business, count on America’s #1 brand in business-grade currency handling solutions: Cassida!


    Grade: Business

    Counting Ability: Paper Bills, Loose Coins, Rolled Coins

    Paper Bill Capacity: 400 Bills of One Denomination

    Power Options: DC Adaptor or Batter Power (6 AAAs)

    Display Type: High Resolution LCD

    Optional Accessories: Can Connect to Thermal Printer to Output Count Reports

    Dimensions: 7.5" W x 5.1" D x 5.8" H

    Weight: 1.125 lbs.