Coin Counter - Cassida C850 Portable Heavy-Duty Coin Counter/Off-Sorter


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Coin Counter - Cassida C850 Portable Heavy-Duty Coin Counter/Off-Sorter


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The Cassida C850 Coin Counter is the perfect choice for heavy-duty coin counting needs. This coin counting powerhouse can accommodate up to 6,500 coins at a time while the 2-speed motorized, jam-free hopper counts through them at 1,900 coins per minute. Counted coins can be dispensed into the bag, coin wrapper or container of your choice. Counting information is clearly shown on the easy-to-read digital display. The C850 Coin Counter includes modes for to Count, Add and Batch. The Batch mode allows for custom batch amounts to be set. The included off-sorting feature, which can be activated with any mode, will count a single selected denomination while sorting out all other coins. The C850 sets up easily on a countertop or table thanks to its forward facing coin reject slot design. In addition to US coins, this counting machine will also work with Canadian and Mexican currency, most foreign coins and even tokens. 

The C850 Coin Counter is backed by a one-year warranty and Cassida's helpful, US-based support team. You can count on Cassida, the #1 brand in business-grade currency handling solutions, to accurately and easily count all of your coins!


  • Quick, jam-free coin counting: Counts up to 1,900 coins per minute with a 2 speed motorized hopper.
  • Multiple mode options: Count, Add or set Custom batch amounts.
  • Special off-sorting option, which works on all modes, allows for a single denomination to be counted while sorting out others.
  • Works with all North American coins: US, Canadian & Mexican. Works with most tokens too!
  • Count on any countertop or table with the conveniently placed front reject slot.(coin bags and coin tubes sold separately).


Grade:  Business

Counting Speed: 1,900 Coins per Minute

Capacity: 6,500

Countable Coins: All US, Canadian coins & most tokens(with adjustable coin     thickness)

Operational Modes: Count, Batch, Add, Off-sort

Display Type: LCD

Dimensions: 10.2 W" x 13.7" D x 13.7" H

Weight: 21 lbs.