Semacon CM-75 US Coin Roll Wrapper Crimping Machine (Crimper)

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$540.00 $659.00

Semacon CM-75 Us Coin Roll Wrapper Crimping Machine (Crimper)

Ease of Use
Our CM-75 Coin Roll Wrapper Crimping System is very easy to use. Simply insert the desired crimp head into the crimping system, turn on the power and press the
open end of the coin roll wrapper against the head. In seconds you will have a professionally sealed coin wrapper.

Our CM-75 Crimping System is used by banks, credit unions, grocery stores, retail businesses, coin dealers, coin collectors and vending operators that require
a professional grade seal on their coin rolls. Professionally sealing your coin rolls deters theft and ensures that your coins remain tightly wrapped until you are ready to use them.

High Speed
The CM-75 is designed to apply a professional closing seal to the open end of pre-crimped or flat style coin wrappers in just 2-3 seconds. This dramatically
reduces the time it takes to manage and prepare packaged coins.

This Crimping System will work with a variety of coin wrapper styles. However, the best results are obtained using pre-crimped (shotgun shell style) coin wrappers.

US and International Models
The CM-75 can be ordered with your choice of crimp head sizes and in either 110VAC/60Hz or 220VAC/50Hz power options. Crimp heads are available for US, Canadian and many other coins.

Download CM-75 Coin Roll Wrapper Crimping System Data Sheet