Accessories - Royal Sovereign - Preformed Coin Wrappers 1008 Assorted Pack FSW-1008A

Royal Sovereign



Preformed Coin Wrappers 1008 Pack

Preformed Kraft paper coin wrappers. One end of the wrapper is crimped for easy filling by hand or coin sorting machine. These wrappers meet all Federal Reserve and ABA standards. 252 wrappers of each coin denomination: penny, nickel, dime, quarter

Product Specification

Model Number FSW-1008A
Unit Depth (in.) 13
Unit Width (in.) 9
Unit Height (in.) 7
Unit Weight (lbs.) 1.14
Quarters Wrapper 252
Dimes Wrapper 252
Nickels Wrapper 252
Pennies Wrapper 252
Number of Wrappers 1008
Warranty No